Sly N Maintaine

"SlyNiggaz Maintaine'n"

Origin: Dallas, Tx


Jermaine Harris Born in Irving, Tx aka Dallas county began his upbringing with 2 parents, 2 brothers, 2 half sisters, and a slew of relatives from his mom haling from Acres Home Houston and his father from Natchez, Mississippi both as country as the other. Maintaine used music, video games, school sports, and his creativity as his pass time in school to shield his ADD disorder. Maintaine pushes his journey as a recording artist “Maintaine” in 2016 with his debut EP “Personality Check” featuring collaboration with Funkytowns home brew master @J/O/E and Dallas’s very own @SlyDatGuy. His music is exactly as passionate as his knowledge of ones self and being ok with self. Honestly unapologetic is 2 of the many descriptive words used. Maintaine is the name and PPLLLEEASSEE whatever you do. “Don’t Forget The E”!

Sly Dat Guy

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Born in Shreveport and raised in Dallas/FortWorth Sly the youngest of 4 siblings got his start in music at the young age of 6. With makeshift recording equipment he and his brothers would use instrumentals and SFX from Sega Genesis games to create mix tapes. At the age of 8, Sly and his brothers signed a recording contract with a small label known as MoStar Records. but would eventually depart from the label, to release music independently under the group Trelix. Sly also began his pursuit as a solo artist and released his first mixtape "Thinking Thoed". Knowing he had a passion for music Sly decided to enroll at Media Tech Institute for Audio engineering. Upon his graduation he immediately began the production of his second mixtape "Shagadelic" which was released  to After a brief hiatus, in 2017 he released "AboveTheClouds", with a totally new sound which led him to link up with now group mate Maintaine. The dup began recording music together and touring the southern region of the US. Today You can find SlyDatGuy and Maintaine gearing up for the release of their first duo project self titled SlyNiggazMaintaine'N

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