Slim Johnson

Origin: Dallas Tx

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Slim Johnson is not only an experienced music professional but also a father and entrepreneur as well. From recording music, hosting a podcast & radio show, developing content for his own media platform, he is hands on with the entire process. His work ethic and hustle has allowed him to sustain in the constant evolving industry. He accredits his hustle to various mentors in the industry and also his tenure at Dallas Based Indie Record Label Grifter Records, where he worked alongside Grammy Award Winning Producer Jah Born and inhouse production team The Alienz. Their grassroots promotion and guerilla marketing generated a buzz that allowed Slim to learn the business structure early on. After several collaborative releases, Slim decided to start his own imprint and release music on his own terms. Throughout his career he’s independently released 1 Album, 3 Mixtapes, several singles, an EP, and featured on countless mixtapes from the likes of Michael Watts, DJ Clinton Sparks, and also DJ Infamous and has performed live at various venues all over the Texas region. Determined not to be pigeon holed as just another “rapper”, he also has taken a dive into TV & Film. Besides being the lead host on the Hip Hop Across the Board Podcast, he also develops and produces content for the platform as well. Not one to be stagnate, Slim Johnson believes there’s no limits to what he can accomplish and is always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve.

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